Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Aluminum Pole - 45" New

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New 3 OZ - 85 G
If you're a cyclist, paddler or don't carry trekking poles, you may wish to consider using our aluminum poles to support your shelter. This lightweight aluminum pole is custom made and designed to be used as your primary tent pole for our Tents, Tarps and NetTents.

Some shelters require two poles for setup; be sure to review the setup before purchasing.

Length: 45" - 114 cm (folded 17" - 43 cm)

Diameter:3/8" - 10 mm

Recommended for:

Skyscape Trekker, Skyscape Scout, Lunar Duo Explorer, Lunar Duo Outfitter, Haven, Haven Zero-G, Gatewood Cape, Serenity NetTent